Videos and Audios


Videos About September 11th
Alex Jones: 9-11 The Road to Tyranny
Barrie Zwicker's comments on
the 6 month anniversary of 9/11
Canadian TV breaks the 911 story of possible U.S. Government complicity
VisionTV: Pearl Harbour and 9/11 Lies
The USA PATRIOT Act strips
U.S. residents of their civil liberties

Videos On September 11th
Day of Terror: CNN Video Archive
  Rescue efforts ongoing
  Final phone call
  Timeline to terror
First plane hits North Tower
  Second plane hits South Tower
F-15 at the scene of South Tower?
  World Trade Center collapses
  Dramatic accounts
  Air Force One Leaving Sarasota
  Presdent addresses nation
  Witness describes terror
  Scores hospitalized
  Touched by terror
  Number 7 collapses
  Images from ground zero
  Back to live coverage
  More live video


Audios About September 11th
Meria Heller Net Radio Live: Mark Elsis Interview on NORAD's Press Release.
Jeff Rense: Michael C. Ruppert and Mike Vreeland Interview
Jeff Rense: Kristina Borjesson Interview
"Myth of a Free Press"
(starts at 1:00:00)
Edward Said on Terrorism
Noam Chomsky: Afghanistan / Terrorism
Dan Rather Interviews FEMA spokesman who arrived in NYC the night before.


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